At the age of 14 I won the prestigious Elite Model Look Competition in Hong Kong. Since, my body of work spans the globe having worked with and for the most prominent fashions houses, renowned photographers, and major campaigns from New York to China.

I began my yoga journey over a decade ago and inspired by the gift of my practice, I have found the spiritually enriching and fulfilling art a holistically beneficial exercise that has lifted my mind, soul and spirit. It is my honour to share my learning ( a limitless process) by teaching yoga in different parts of the world.

Most memorably, at the legendary music sound camp Robot Heart at Burning Man, accompanied by a live performance by HÄANA followed by Diplo. Similarly are my sunset sessions at Wonderfruit Dec 17-21 2015 and Further Future APR 29- MAY 1 2016.

Over the years, the myriad of trainings have moulded and formed the teacher that I am today with strengths in precise, clear instruction of physical and energetic alignment with a light hearted, playful sense of curiosity. Creating a flow for all levels, my desire outcome is to support first-time yogis to kick-off their yoga journeys through cultivating clarity, confidence and fascination.

I am an active philanthropist and support many diverse initiatives focused mostly on the conservation and restoration of natural ecosystem and wildlife habitat for the benefit of humanity and the earths biological diversity.

I hope to inspire others, by leading everyone back to nature, to evoke a deeper understanding and pro-active appreciation for the world we all live in.